#99 – Find You


Artist – Zedd (featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant)
Album – Find You – Single
Year – 2014
Genre – Dance/House

Great, and I mean truly great dance music should move you in two ways: 1. It should make you move your body, obviously. 2. I should move your soul. Zedd is one of the rare DJ’s out in the house scene that consistently crafts songs that are insanely infectious and beautifully moving at the same time, and what’s this? He’s got another one? Well I guess that means we have to review it, right?

I love the way this song starts. The soft piano and whistling synth sets a really gentle mood that sets this song apart from a lot of other DJ’s out there. Matthew Koma is the first singer in this song, and oh my lord his voice is great. It cuts like a knife though the lush and bright tones of the piano, and every note is literally pitch perfect. The melody in the verses is lovely. It’s melancholic, but oddly uplifting at the same time.

Miriam Bryant’s voice is also very pleasing. I will say not as much as Koma’s, but still good nonetheless. She really shows her range in the parts that she sings, and makes it look easy.

The beat drop in this song is totally unique rhythmically, and it pulses in syncopation with the beat of the song, making for a really cool effect. Over the top of the synth at this part, Koma and Bryant sing to the heavens in a triumphant chorus. This is what I’m talking about when I say body and soul.

The next verse absolutely gives me chills with these lines:

High on words
We almost used
We’re fireworks with a wet fuse

Ugh, those are some damn good lyrics. It’s this kind of songwriting that sets Zedd apart. Not only is he multi-talented (he can play a ton of instruments), but he’s a great songwriter as well. That’s a very tricky thing to do in dance music, where most of the world just wants to not think about words.

Koma continues with his top notch singing, and as he sings, it’s like he both whispers gently and thunders in his delivery. It’s really something to hear. The song builds and builds into another syncopated drop, and the singers let loose again, this time with even better harmony. And then the song takes an instrumental dance break. This is where you really can cut loose on the floor. Don’t worry, Zedd shall provideth.

This acoustic version above is also awesome for those looking for great acoustic jam!

There’s a bridge that serves to build up the magnificent ending, where all vocal layers combine and Koma and Bryant blend seamlessly. Zedd is firing on all cylinders as synths, beats, and vocal effects crash around you and immerse you in the moment. It’s easy to lose yourself in the song, but don’t worry, because Zedd will find you. See what I did there? 🙂

In truth, this is a very moving dance song from both a melodic and lyrical point of view. When you can use every part of your body and mind to express how you feel, then you are completely in the music, and the music is in you. I hope Zedd makes many more songs like this one: catchy, beautiful, meaningful. As for Matthew Koma, watch this space. I think he’s going to be pretty big pretty soon.

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