#100 – Summer Sun


Artist – Jukebox the Ghost
Album – Everything Under the Sun
Year – 2010
Genre – Piano Pop

As I sit here typing this on my last day of my junior year in college, I can’t help but smile at how well this song describes this past year. I was running through a bunch of songs to post for my 100th song, but as soon as this one came up, I knew it had to be this one.

“My heart has been my teacher and I’ve learned quite a lot”

This is the opening line to Summer Sun, and boy does this hit home for me. This line perfectly captures my experiences from the time I first started writing this blog to now. I’ve had a lot of emotional ups and downs throughout the course of writing this, but from the tough times and the joyful times I’ve learned so much about myself and about the people that matter the most to me. That’s why this is such a powerful lyric. We all learn a lot from our hearts over the course of our lives, but we come out stronger and better for it.

Ok, now onto the rest of the song. This song really is beautiful through and through. The gentle, flowing piano line at the beginning repeats throughout the song and adds a melancholic, subtle texture to the other parts of the song. Frontman Ben Thornewill’s voice is pristine and emotive, as he sings with grace and poise. The harmonies from Co-frontman Tommy Siegel are lovely, and the resulting effect will give you chills.

As the song builds, the drums add a great bit of extra rhythm and the guitar complements the piano at every step. The piano that comprises the majority of the song is lush and powerful, and as the song builds and chorus hits, it’s absolutely explosive.

The chorus is full of texture, as the guitar adds some really neat patterns underneath the joyful piano and Thornewill’s powerful voice. It’s truly an uplifting experience that needs to be heard to be understood.

The rest of the lyrics in the song are so well written. The song speaks of taking a step back and loving yourself, even after the trials of life bring you down. The summer sun is there to remind you that tomorrow is waiting for you to claim it in a way that only you can. It reminds you to live with every ounce of heart you have in you.

The final harmonies that transition from the last chorus to the repeating of the first verse are triumphant and absolutely blew me away the first time I heard them. Finally, the last verse makes the song come full circle, and unfortunately to a close. As the piano fades away though, you can’t help but smile.

The summer sun is shining outside right now, and as I look out the window, I know that this summer will hold a lot of changes for me. Two of my closest friends are leaving for internships in Maryland for the entire summer, so chances are I’ll be on my own a lot of the time. But as I hear this song, I also know that so many exciting opportunities could await me this summer. New jobs, people, relationships, who knows what the summer holds for me? Whatever fate has in store, I know that my heart will always be my guide, for it is the part of me that makes me who I am. In heartbreak or happiness, I’m ready for what comes my way. I know that there any many people in my life that care about me, and for that I am forever grateful. It’s they who help me through the stumbling blocks, and they who share in my joy and push me to keep moving forward. And it’s all of you out there, too. I couldn’t have done this blog if I didn’t love doing it for everyone who reads it. So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Here’s to the future, and whatever it holds!

Remember to listen to your heart, and you can do anything 🙂

P.S. Jukebox the Ghost came to play at my school last year, and they’re awesome guys! Please check out more of their stuff! Trust me, it’s worth it.
As always, thanks for reading! Likes, follows, comments, and share are always welcome and appreciated!


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