#107 – Molly’s Chambers

young cover

Artist – Kings of Leon
Album – Youth and Young Manhood
Year – 2003
Genre – Alternative Rock/Garage Rock

Before Kings of Leon were cranking out hits like “Use Somebody,” they were a good old fashioned, down and dirty rock and roll band. To some degree that hasn’t been lost, but when you strip away the polish of their newer albums, you’re left with the sound they had on their debut, Youth and Young Manhood. Molly’s Chambers is a rollicking little ride that’ll get your blood pumping.

The simple main guitar riff does its job with only two chords, which is a much harder thing to do than it sounds. The tone recalls greats like the Kinks, and just like their songs, this song knows how to grab you with a simple riff and stays in your memory. The Followill brothers hit you with a grungy sound that really does sound like it’s coming out of their garage at home. Frontman Caleb’s voice is droning and sultry during the verses, and then kicks into full rocker mode in the chorus, creating an awesome flow to the song.

Despite the simplicity of the layout of the song, there’s some great little bits that pop up. There’s a some great octave layering from the guitar during the second verse which sounds fantastic, as well as a kickin’ guitar solo; short but sweet of course, like the song as a whole. The drums throughout are frenetic, and the whole sound of the band on this tracks is just raw and cohesive and…well, it just works!

The lyrics really do at a lot to the song as well. The sensual and sexual lyrics mesh perfectly with the down and dirty guitar and really give the this primal energy that only pure rock and roll can give you. The fact that the band’s sound was so different when everything is stripped down is refreshing to be sure, and reminds us that some of the best rock music is simple and doesn’t take a lot to grab you.

All in all this is a pretty short review because the song is so short, but this track should be on everyone’s playlist. It has the traces of the Kings of Leon we know and love today, but with a sharper edge and a quicker wit. This song is the band at a point where anything was on the table, and there were no holds barred. If you want rock and roll, Caleb Followill lets you know “You want it? She’s got it.” She being this song. Not really. But get the song anyway. You won’t regret it.

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2 thoughts on “#107 – Molly’s Chambers

  1. I’m just now getting caught up on your list from May. For a long time I kept trying to find out who sings this song. I would catch snippets here and there but I finally not only have the name of the song but the band to go with it!

    • Angelwhispering, I’m just glad you pay attention to my blog at all 🙂
      This song is so classic rock and roll, I had a hard time believing it was Kings of Leon!
      Thanks again for the feedback, I always appreciate it!

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