#119 – All You Wanted


Artist – Michelle Branch
Album – The Spirit Room
Year – 2001
Genre – Pop-Rock

If you grew up in the late 90’s early 2000’s like me, you probably know this song. I had forgotten about it for a long, long time until my friend’s girlfriend actually replanted this song back into my life. Chances are if you don’t know the song by name, you’ll hear the chorus and go “OOOHHH. This song.” Literally my exact reaction.

“All You Wanted” starts with a clean and catchy guitar line that repeats throughout the song. Ms. Branch’s voice makes this song as great as it is. Her singing is sweet and sincere, but also has an emotional rawness to it that adds a lot. When she increases her volume and pitch, you can hear the emotion rise in her. The verses are softer and more earnest, but the chorus is full on in your face and really hits you where it matters. The melody throughout is really well written and very pleasing to the ear, so that’s a big plus.

The song certainly doesn’t skimp on what it knows you want to hear. The instruments sound big and the beat of the song is one of those perfect spunky pop rock beats that you can just jam out too. Branch really shows off some vocal chops throughout, and her singing remains on point from beginning to end. The main highlight for me is when her voice, intonation, and the descending melody at the end of the chorus all combine. It gives me goosebumps for sure.

The lyrics here form a “I want to love you” song, but I really like the simplicity and honesty of the lyrics in this song. These lines especially get me:

So lonely inside
So busy out there
And all you wanted
was somebody who cares

Very, very true lyrics to many out there. I love to look for lines like these in songs that many cast off as simply a pop song. Good job Michelle Branch!

In any regard, “All You Wanted” is a great pop rock jam with a healthy dose of nostalgia and killer hooks left and right. It’s a comforting song as well, and hearing lines like the ones above really evoke those feelings of “wow, you feel me.” So I think we all should take a trip back to our childhood (unless you’re older, in which case it would be a trip back to…13 years ago) and find the greatness in these songs that passed us by on the radio.

Thanks for listening and reading! I don’t know about what you want, but all I wanted was somebody who would leave a like, comment, who would share this blog, or even follow it…;)

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