#120 – Cheap Beer


Artist – FIDLAR
Album – FIDLAR
Year – 2013
Genre – Skate Punk/Garage Punk

What happened to the good old punk rock values of yesteryear? Debauchery, crazy antics, and generally not giving a flying fuck about what anyone has to say; all of these sentiments seem to have dulled since the punk explosion during the late 70’s and early 80’s. Even punk-pop stalwarts like Green Day don’t seem to have the same level of pissed-off-ness(that’s a technical term by the way) as early groups like the Sex Pistols and the Stooges. Some that has come back with groups like Rancid (their earlier stuff at least) or NOFX, who have carried the “skater punk” torch for a long while. Well step aside, because FIDLAR, which literally stands for “fuck it dog, life’s a risk” are the new punk, drunk sheriffs in town. Remember all those values that I said kind of fell by the wayside? Well they’re back in this California group, and it a big way.

What’s the first thing you need in a great garage rock/skater punk song? You need a riff that you can skate and rock out to. Also you need distortion up the wazoo. Check, and check. As soon as you hear the opening guitar for “Cheap Beer,” you’re ready to jump on your board and rage. All the opening feedback just builds the anticipation, until the song explodes in your face. The guitar is crunchy, and the drums roll like an avalanche. The opening “bah bah bah’s” even give a nice throwback to old school punk.

Frontman Zac Carper is one of the most volatile vocalists I’ve ever heard. His heavily distorted yells fit the song to a T, and the beat of each line sounds awesome as he just screams for all he’s got. It’s straight up rock and roll. All the while the instruments never stop or slow down, and the party keeps right on going.

The lyrics in this song are exactly what you’d expect them to be about: partying, getting high, getting wasted, and tearing shit up. But that’s all part of what makes this song so goddamn fun. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to skate fast, drive faster, and just have general disregard for the law. Punk at it’s finest.

The chorus is a blast to scream along with, and the guitar solo after the second chorus is simple and dirty: just the way it should be. Take everything I’ve just said and add in liberal feedback and distortion, and you’ve got FIDLAR’s “Cheap Beer,” one hell of an awesome punk rock song that brings back everything cool about punk. Prepare to have your brain explode.

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