On Growing Up

Hello 1001 songs readers,

Big things have been happening on the road to my dream of becoming a professional music critic/writer. I recently wrote two short pieces on two amazing local bands from the Buffalo area for the Buffalo News website. However, I recently wrote something that really gave me my first taste of what it is I really want to do in my life.

I wanted to get more involved in the news, and I knew nothing would happen by sitting around, so I decided to put myself out there and give the news something they could really run with. Every Time I Die is a huge local hardcore group that’s been on Warped Tour for 4 separate years. I sent out an email to their record label, Epitaph, to request an interview with the band for the News. Mind you, I hadn’t even told the News all this yet. I didn’t expect anything back at all, really. But the answer came back: yes. I was stunned, I quickly let my editor know and she told me she would run it in the actual paper. Not just the online, but the paper. We set a date for the interview (which was via email due to the band’s schedule) and I sent in my questions. I got some great answers from Mr. Keith Buckley, the vocalist/lyricist/frontman.

As I sent in the interview to the news, I was expecting it to be a blurb, maybe a side column.

It made the cover story.

After all of this, I know without a doubt this is what I want to do with my life. Writing about music isn’t work to me. I love to explore emotion, motivation, and why we (and musicians) like certain kinds of music. It’s a great source of pleasure, emotion, and it’s just a fun topic to write about. I can only hope my life continues on this path and that bigger and better opportunities await me, of which this interview was the first of many to come. If this is the future that lies ahead, I’m definitely not scared of growing up.

Here’s the link to my interview with Every Time I Die if you’d like to check it out:


I have to thank all of you for reading my blog as well. This blog is just as important to me as the interviews and anything else I write. It’s all about the music, and it’s about the passion that goes into it. I think passion is the most important element of anything you do. Love with passion. Eat with passion. Work with passion. Live your life with passion. It can get hard sometimes, but don’t half-ass your only chance to be alive. Thanks guys. Keep doing you.


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