#122 – Already Home


Artist – A Great Big World
Album – Is There Anybody Out There?
Year – 2014
Genre – Pop

Come on guys, sometimes we all need a great love song in our lives. Am I right? Group hug…come on, bring it in. There, doesn’t that feel better? That’s how you’re going to feel after listening to A Great Big World’s “Already Home.” It’s that warm and fuzzy feeling. You know the one. The duo of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino know it too.

If a song starts with a sweet, flowing piano opening, it’s got me right where it wants me. See, that’s this song. Isn’t that funny? Anyway, what strikes me first is how different each vocalist is for this group. Ian Axel, who sings the first two verses and the first chorus, has a soft, sensitive voice reminiscent of Ben Gibbard from Death Cab. It’s a great fit because those opening verses seem almost tentative and very modest. As if the person singing the lyrics is very shy and soft spoken.

Before I get to next verses and chorus, I have to say that the melodies for the verses and chorus are very well written and will certainly catch your ear like a giant fishhook. I guess that’s why they call it a hook. The soft strings that play beneath Axel’s opening add a gentle texture that complements his style. Very good so far, but now it’s on to Vaccarino…

…who knocks it out of the park! Vaccarino’s voice is the yang to Axel’s yin; passionate, powerful, and intense. The way he enunciates his words is very cool to hear, as he makes sure you can hear every syllable. It’s almost like he’s spewing forth a string of words he’s been holding inside for far too long, and you can feel his emotion, especially during the chorus. It’s out of this world. The singing, the words, everything just comes together perfectly and this one will stick in your head. It’s the highlight for sure.

The bridge builds from soft to loud, and ends in a cathartic note from both singers, and features some wonderful string work, and the last line’s harmonies sound great and show how good this group is when they sing together.

The last two choruses, which showcase all dynamics and both singers in their elements are an awesome cap to the song, and really shows the two sides of any long distance relationship: sensitivity and respect, and passion and persistence. Each singer embodies these tenets from start to finish, which I’d say completes a successful and super well written song.

The lyrics are very sweet, and have that romantic prose that (like I mentioned earlier) we all can enjoy once in a while. It never feels fake, and holds to that honesty throughout. If you have someone special far away, I would highly recommend making this your “song.” But to the rest of you, pick up “Already Home” because it’s a catchy, well written pop song with a heart. And admit it, you want the warm fuzzies don’t you?

Thanks for reading, and even though New York is far away, the internet is global, so feel free to like, comment, share this blog, or follow me! You guys rock hard!

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