#125 – Do What You Want


Artist – OK Go
Album – Oh No
Year – 2005
Genre – Alternative Rock

OK Go is just one of those bands that has always been a blast to listen to. They put out some great alternative rock and incredible videos to go along with their music. As of late, the band has become a bit more experimental, but their 2005 album Oh No is chock full of straight rockin’ tracks. “Do What You Want” definitely channels that old school Elvis Costello vibe and is a song that pumps you up and makes you want to cut loose, just like the title says.

The opening snare drum leads right into thumping guitar with an infections main riff that sticks in your head long after the song is over. Every instrument seems like it’s turned up to “loud and brash” setting, and frontman Damian Kulash’s frenetic wordplay and fast paced vocals catch you right up in the fast paced nature of the song. The whole beginning of the song just sweeps you off your feet and really gets the party going.

The chorus is very Ok Go, with a repeated phrase that serves as the hook for the song. It’s a somewhat simple song lyric wise, but the message is about having fun and just, well, doing what you want. It’s about breaking free from the norms of life, and the chorus is a rallying cry for all the party people and adventurous souls out there.

The bridge has a great guitar solo that twists and whines over a frazzled Kulash’s yelling vocals. The result is a buildup of huge proportions that just explodes during the breakdown, which features a crunchy, awesomely raw guitar riff that stands alone until the drums decide to just kick it right in, and then the song launches like a rocket. Kulash screams it out for the world to hear while that oh so good riff plays under the guitar breakdown part from earlier. It’s a potent combo, and by the end if you haven’t danced yourself to exhaustion, you’re doing it wrong.

All in all the song really isn’t that long, but it’s an amazingly fun ride nonetheless. It’s a straight up party song to just rock out to and let your cares fall away to for awhile. OK Go’s “Do What You Want” is a necessity for anytime you want to take a chance and let go. Let them spell it out for you, and have a damn good time doing it. Do what you want.

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