#127 – Me and My Broken Heart


Artist – Rixton
Album – Me and My Broken Heart – EP
Year – 2014
Genre – Pop

And the award for my favorite pop song of the year (so far) is…Rixton’s “Me and My Broken Heart!” Seriously, I dare you to find a song with a catchier chorus. I DARE YOU! Yes, I know about the Rob Thomas connection. No, I don’t think it has any bearing on the song. In fact, I think it’s even better than his song. It’s a simple, relatable, cosmically catchy song that has me singing along every single time it’s on. This is the song where I say “ohhhh, this is my JAM!”

From the opening piano chorus and the first notes of singer Jake Roche’s voice, you’re hooked. That’s it. It’s over. Take everything pleasing about a great earworm chorus: a great voice, tried and true chord progression, and juicy instrumentation. Now mash that into one. That’s this song’s chorus. To be honest, the verses are also good, but I find myself just waiting to belt out that chorus just one more time.

As far as boy band singers go, Jake Roche goes above most of them. His voice is powerful and emotive, but still has that pop quality that grounds him to the nature of the song. Each verse is well sung and the ends especially stand out, but it’s that transition to the chorus that just gets you amped.

Then that chorus. Or, put in modern terms “DAT CHORUS.” Oh man this chorus is so damn good. The melody, though sampled from Rob Thomas, is incredible in every sense of the word, and Rixton takes it to another level. It’s clearer, louder, the pacing is better, and it just flows so much smoother. Every aspect of the chorus is a positive listening experience. That’s a win. A big one.

I enjoy the lyrics in this song simply because they’re so relatable. Part of what makes the chorus so good is the fact that I can empathize directly with the words. It’s about just wanting someone in your life to make you feel loved after so long. That’s a powerful message, especially for me. I think most can relate on some level or another. It’s easy to cast it off as a fun pop song, but take the time to look deeper and really find aspects to cling to.

Overall, this song is as great as pop songs get as of late. I like everything about this song, and hopefully you can see why. It’s on a whole new level of catchy, and the words just hit you hard. It’s powerful, full of bravado, and it sticks in your head. A lot. So what are you waiting for? Go. Go now. Go get this song! GO!

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