#128 – Blue Velvet


Artist – Lana Del Rey (originally sung by The Clovers & Bobby Vinton)
Album – Paradise – EP
Year – 2012
Genre – Baroque Pop

I may or may not be choosing this song based on the fact that I’ve fallen in love with this song after watching David Lynch’s movie. Actually that is the reason. Anyway, Lana Del Rey’s cover of “Blue Velvet” was actually inspired by the film, and it really is my favorite version of the song. It’s dark and haunting, but it still remains an incredibly beautiful song through and through.

Right from the start, the song immediately grabs your attention with it’s gorgeous string arrangement, and then it’s droning, echoing beat that’s oh so sexy. But it’s Lana and her voice that are the real stars of the show here. Her smokey, crooning voice fits the sensual, romantic nature of the song to a T, and she absolutely nails the melody. The first line of each verse in particular sounds amazing. The way she hits the “blue” in each line…spectacular. The combination of the strings, echoing beat, and Lana’s passionate voice puts you into a swirling reverie during each verse.

The song is really about a mood, or a feeling. It just brings this brooding, romantic, and even sexual atmosphere that really pervades you as you listen. The bridge brings that feeling to a climax, and after pulling you up into the romance, the final line of

But when she left, gone was the glow of blue velvet

just tears at your emotions. Yes it’s an old song, and many might think the lyrics are archaic, but I beg to differ. I think the lyrics in this song are beautifully romantic and tragically heartbreaking. This is demonstrated no better than at the end when Lana pulls the song into a close with that final, melancholic line:

And I still can see blue velvet through my tears

So many emotions in one single line. It’s sadness, nostalgia, love, and longing all wrapped into one piece of writing. Her voice captures every one of those emotions, and she absolutely kills the final verse of the song. If you thought that was it, though, you were wrong. There’s a whole other section at the end that repeats the lush strings from the beginning, and the way they cap off the song is breathtaking. The filters that the strings run through at the end also add a neat effect and a slow, sad way to end the song. What a track this one is. Darkly gorgeous throughout.

So, if you love great singing, a great melody, and want to bring out the romance and heartbreak all in one, Lana Del Rey’s cover of “Blue Velvet” is for you. It’s a great look back and homage to the past that still has it’s pull on all of us, and it’s a timeless love/loss song, and it will be for years to come.

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