#129 – Another Sunny Day


Artist – Belle and Sebastian
Album – The Life Pursuit
Year – 2006
Genre – Indie Pop/Alternative

This one’s been a long time coming, as I was planning to do this song all the way back when I was in California. That’s because I discovered Belle and Sebastian in record store in San Francisco, and since looking them up, this song has been on heavy rotation. The sweet, yet melancholic “Another Sunny Day” is full of classic alternative sounds merged with a bright tone that creates a real winner of a song.

The opening has layers and layers of clean, crisp guitar that immediately creates a…ahem…sunny feel to the song. The guitar work throughout the song is right on the money, and it has all sorts of great little flourishes hidden within the layers. From the first verse, frontman Stuart Murdoch’s voice comes across as sensitive and passionate as he weaves this tale of falling in and out of love.

The true triumph of this song lies in the sheer layering of it. The guitars come from everywhere and have at least 3 different parts, and the singing is bolstered from verse to verse by the backup male and female vocals, complete with harmonies and interplay. The drums sound great as well, and there are breakdowns throughout the song that showcase the drumming as well as that oh so good guitar work. It’s the combination of high, emotive vocals, intricate guitar, and powerful drumming that gives this song so much bravado and the power to just make you feel good, despite the lyrics.

Each verse holds something new vocally from Murdoch. He really plays around with the emotion in each line and that keeps your attention square on him as he sings. The lyrics themselves are in ballad form, with Murdoch telling of simple, intimate moments of a relationship and its eventual end. It’s a great glimpse into an ordinary life, but this song proves that sometimes life and love can be anything but ordinary.

Great instrumental passages, story-like lyrics, and a great vocal performance make this track a must listen for any indie/alternative fans, or just fans of some great melodic feel good music. Belle and Sebastian may have flown under the radar for many, but this song deserves to be put on the map for all the right reasons.

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