#132 – Someday, Someway


Artist – Marshall Crenshaw
Album – Marshall Crenshaw
Year – 1982
Genre – Rock/Rockabilly

Now begins the tally of songs I’ve heard at my new job, promptly decided I liked, researched, downloaded, and put onto this blog. I literally knew nothing of Marshall Crenshaw after looking him up, but quickly discovered his proficiency as a songwriter and a musician, despite his one hit wonder status in the 80’s. If you’ve heard of him, that’s cool and I’m jealous of you. If not, then prepare to hear a song whose melody and hook will ring in your ears until you’re in the grave. And probably in the afterlife too.

From the opening riff, you’ll probably think you’ve traveled back in time to the sock hop at Mel’s diner. The song’s retro riff and it’s clean twangy guitar tone is a huge musical turn on from the start. The drums give the song that galloping beat that will get your feet tapping, and as soon as Crenshaw starts singing, it’s over. Put this song in the dictionary under the definition of catchy.

I adore Crenshaw’s voice, and it’s a shame more people don’t know about it. It’s so melodic and clean, and with the slight echo added in the song, it sounds damn awesome. His emotion is right there in every note, and his slight waver at the end of each line is just heaven. And this is just the verse, which is amazing on it’s own.

When the chorus hits, you’ll die a little bit. In a good way. The sequence of notes in the “someday, someway” will repeat in your head as you try to sleep forevermore. It’s too late now. It’s just so damn catchy. His voice is tip top during the whole thing, and the whole melody just gets your endorphins firing like crazy. Your brain will thank you later for listening to this chorus.

I shouldn’t forget about the band in this song, and the bridge is the perfect part to bring them up again. If you listen close, the guitar is really funky and the chords are very strange, but somehow they fit in perfectly. The bass is the same way and the drums just keep on their merry pounding way. Just great.

The harmonies are so wonderful to hear along with Crenshaw’s voice, as are the “oohs” in the background, and as the song closes out, you’ll feel a strong sense of contentment of hearing this song. Just take it in. Let it seep through you. Don’t fight it. Shhhhhhhhhhh…

The lyrics in this song are a huge standout as well, due to Crenshaw’s writing abilities. It’s both a kind of heartbreaking love song and a song about finding understanding and compromise in a relationship.

I can’t stand to see you sad
I can’t bear to hear you cry
If you can’t tell me what you need
All I can do is wonder why

After all you’ve done for me
All I really want to do
Is take the love you brought my way
And give it all right back to you

These are the two verses. What simple, honest songwriting that is. These are feelings of love put into a great song with everything going for it. Again, it’s a shame that Marshall Crenshaw isn’t more well known, but now I’m giving you the opportunity to hear a one hit wonder you won’t soon forget. Seriously, you can thank me later.

Thanks for reading, and maybe someday, someway, you can leave a like, a comment, follow this page, or share it with a friend. You all are the best!

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