#133 – The World


Artist – The Starting Line
Album – Based on a True Story
Year – 2005
Genre – Pop-Punk

Pop-Punk mainstays The Starting Line have always brought a real sense of melody and relatability to their music, but 2005’s “The World” takes it to a whole new level. The melodies and just sheer force of this song are unreal, and if you’re not ready to take on anything and anyone by the end of this song…well I don’t even think that’s possible.

Right out of the gate the band just lays out the power with a great upbeat riff and some clap-along fun. Frontman Kenny Vasoli just blows me out of the water in this song. Right from the first verse, he hits every note of the fun, bouncy melody perfectly. The quick acoustic strumming and Vasoli’s staccato passages make this song ripe for singing along in the car, as do the gang vocal repetitions scattered throughout each verse. The melody in the verses alone is amazing, with Vasoli pushing himself each and every time to to the top. But…

…you’ve never heard a more triumphant chorus in your life. Vasoli pushes himself to his absolute limits during the chorus, and the passion is so rich and full that you just want to explode. The soaring melody is just out of this world. The instruments roar to life and you just feel alive as you hear it happen.

If you thought that one was good, try getting through a even better second verse with more gang vocals and harmonies that’ll make your spine tingle. Then comes another chorus with an added second melody with harmonies that just…ugh they’re too good.

A quick bridge with a bit of cool guitar work and great gang vocals leads into a quiet chorus repetition from Vasoli, who builds up perfectly to a release of power in the final chorus. It’s everything from the preceding parts of the song put into one amazing package. The instruments hit the ceiling, and with stunning harmonies and a melody that’s just to die for, you better throw this one on repeat.

The lyrics are just so empowering. I mean, what’s more relatable then just letting things go and having a good time. More than that even, the song is about just recognizing your place in a world where anything can happen. It’s a message that just hits home with literally everyone. We all are a part of “the world” but we also can be a part of each other’s world, and it’s not hard to do. So do yourself a favor. If you’re feeling down at any time, just put on this song. I guarantee it’s worth your time.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to see some comments about what you thought of the song! After all, we all are a part of the world, of course! Bonus points for likes, follows, and shares!

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