#134 – Demons


Artist – Hearts & Hands (originally by Imagine Dragons)
Album – N/A
Year – 2013
Genre – Post-Hardcore

I love Imagine Dragons’ song “Demons.” I really do. Everything about it is great, the melody, the passion…but this…this takes it to a whole new level. Be forewarned, this song is very hard to find, and there was only one last reposted Youtube video. So I suggest clicking that video before it’s gone. Also, don’t let the genre fool you. This band’s other material may fall under post-hardcore, but this cover is the furthest thing from it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the melodies are so lush and rich. It’s a cover that only comes around once in a very, very long time.

The first thing you hear is a rich, deep piano underneath singer Garrett Garfield’s soothing voice. I’m going to say this now: the echoes make this song. The effect, which is applied to all the vocals in the song, sounds phenomenal. It adds a huge sense of depth and clarity to Garfield’s voice and as strings, drums, acoustic guitar, and piano all build on top of each other and as the last, triumphant lines of the first verse swell, the melody soars with harmonies and it sounds angelic.

The first chorus has incredible texture, but it feels soft and flowing at the same time. This will just get right under your skin and make you feel incredible, as does Garfield’s fluttering, high voice. The passion he throws out there is amazing to hear, and the mix of all these sound just feels cathartic and heavenly.

To be honest, I’m not sure which of the other band members sings the second verse, but I love his voice even more. It’s deeper and the melodies just seems stronger. The tone of his voice just adds even more to the already kickass melody that Imagine Dragons wrote. The harmonies you hear in the second verse are just out of this world and will floor you with how catchy and hooky they are.

The bridge shines with even more great harmonies and soaring vocals and then a beautiful quiet piano section hushes the song. You get to truly feel the sensitive nature of the song at this point, and it’s a very emotional experience indeed. There’s one harmony in this song at the end. You’ll know which one if you listen.


The emotional nature of Imagine Dragons’ lyrics translate so, so well to this cover, and the band just runs with it. They crystallize that sense of overcoming darkness and sadness and amplify it to new heights unlike any cover I’ve ever heard. This young band is talented beyond belief, and this is a song worth hearing ten times over, and then ten more times.

There is not an element of this cover that I dislike. I just hope you all get a chance to hear it before it’s gone!

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