#137 – A New World


Artist – James Horner
Album – Jumanji (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Year – 1995
Genre – Soundtrack/Classical

For those of you looking for the second half of my Pentimento interview, don’t worry, it’s coming. However, this is a song I felt I needed to take a break to review. As you all probably know by now, we lost the great comedian and actor Robin Williams yesterday. As Jumanji was one of my favorite childhood movies, it felt only fitting to remember the memories Robin Williams has given me by reviewing the most beautiful song on the Jumanji soundtrack. “A New World” is a track filled with peace, happiness, and joy. I can’t think of a more fitting song to remember a man who brought so much of those emotions to so many.

The gentle flute of James Horner’s orchestra is the first thing you hear. Then a warm wave of orchestral beauty washes over you in an awesome wave. This happens multiple times, each one better than the next. The sense of peace you get is just amazing. There’s one more quiet string section, and one more soft and subdued burst from the lush strings, and then you hit one of the most beautiful flute passages I’ve heard in any soundtrack.

The flute melody in this song is just incredible. It’s soft, fluttering, and delicate. It just lets your mind wander to a place of total happiness, and the swelling and falling strings evoke feelings of nature and all the things we find joy of in life. The wonderful harp passage that leads into this section and closes it out brings to mind small pleasures: a falling leaf, a summer day, someone you love. These are all reflected in the ebullient tone of the song.

The last section of the song is a gentle one, as if the piece takes you by the hand and leads you down the path and into the light. The interspersed instruments are bursts of joy and eventually, they bring you home at the end. It’s a softly satisfying ending to a cathartic song.

Robin Williams made us happy, and this song is a perfect reflection of those feelings. I certainly won’t forget his legacy anytime soon, and I’m sure the rest of the world won’t either. This song is a perfect memorial to his life. Thank you Mr. Williams for all you’ve given us. All of us.

Celebrity deaths often bring to light aspects of society we’d rather not see. Depression is a serious mental affliction that takes lives every day. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call this number: 1-800-273-8255. Someone out there is willing to listen; willing to offer help. There’s always hope.

Thank you all for reading, and please share this post as much as you can. I feel this is a fitting memorial to a great man. Likes and comments are always appreciated, as are follows. Thanks for sticking with me.

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