#138 – Just Friends


Artist – Pentimento
Album – Inside the Sea – EP
Year – 2013
Genre – Alternative Punk

C’mon, you knew I had rep the boys in Pentimento after an interview like that! “Just Friends” is definitely one of my favorite songs off of the band’s newest EP, and it packs a huge emotional punch in the gut, if the title didn’t tip you off. It’s a relatable storm of a song with huge performances across the board.

The quiet riffing in the beginning gently accentuates singer Jeremiah Pauly’s restrained vocals, until the song bursts to life, and Pauly brings out the grit in his pained voice, before quickly quieting down and delivering the most potent lines of the song:

And I don’t think before I speak.
What an empty attempt at a personality.

Then, the song explodes. Mike Hansen’s drumming and guitars from all sides just blow up right in your face, and it feels so good. Pauly’s voice is loud and crystal clear. As the chorus comes in, you just feel it right in the heart of you, because chances are the exact thing of which he sings has happened to you once or multiple times:

We’re just friends ’cause that seems to be what makes sense.
Too bad it’s all we’ll ever have.

You can feel the heartbreak in his voice, and the power of the instruments just builds on the whole mood and feel of the song. The band then quiets down and starts to build up again during an extremely melodic and well done bridge section. As Pauly sings, you can’t help but feel empathy for his heartbreak and longing, and the melody simultaneously brings you up and pulls you down. The backing vocals from Hansen add extra punch to this section as well.

The constantly pounding drums and guitar eventually break and give way into a final, cathartic breakdown that ends the song on the most energetic of notes. The ending, which includes gang vocals and an absolutely huge repeated line of “You Always Do!” is one amazing way to finish a song, as sadness gives way to frustration and anger. Most situations like this always do.

Powerful music and kickass singing aside, this song has some really cool wordplay and great lyricism, courtesy of Hansen. Check these out:

Cold like the space between your coat and your clothes.
I’m in between deja vu and delirium,
Remembering things that haven’t happened yet.

It was at that time that I realized that you truly knew me better than I ever knew myself
And as you walked away you said
I had this crazy thought that if I loved you enough you’d see that you deserve it…
And not fuck it up like you always do

These lines will stick in your mind and stay with you long after the song’s over. Once you hear them, you’ll want to sing them the next time you listen. That’s the true power of this song. So if you’re looking for an incredibly emotional, relatable, and catchy song, “Just Friends” is just for you.

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