#140 – Palo Alto


Artist – Devonte Hynes
Album – Palo Alto (Music from the Motion Picture)
Year – 2014
Genre – Indie Pop

Trailer music kick part 2! As soon as I heard Devonte Hynes’ “Palo Alto” in the moody, evocative trailer for Gia Coppola’s, yep you guessed it, “Palo Alto,” I was hooked. The sweet and hooky melody over groovy synths and a haunting piano got me from the beginning, and now I’m here to share this indie treat with all you movers and shakers out there. Get ready to make some sweet, sweet love, because this is sex music if I’ve ever heard it.

If the slow, bubbling opening synths don’t get you in the mood right away, the twinkling synths after them will. This is a beginning that just makes you want to slowly say, “Ohhhh baby, you knowwwww I looove you” in your best Barry White baritone. As soon as the drums kick in and Hynes starts singing, his droning, yet melodic voice adds even more sensuality to the song, as does the amazing chorus melody.

The chorus itself is very short, but the melody is actually quite beautiful. It’s certainly the highlight of the whole song, and the harmonies interspersed throughout it gave me shivers. It’s short, sweet, and sexy all at the same time.

When the guitar enters in this song, it just adds that extra cool factor, as well as some cool texturing and jazziness to the second verse and second chorus. Then, you get to feast your ears on the a nice little guitar play/solo that leads into the final, and best chorus.

The final chorus is nothing but piano and Hynes’ melodic, echoing singing. It’s a melody that’s amazingly pleasing to the ears, as well as one that’s sensitive and sensual, and one you want to hear over and over again. Seriously though, tumble into bed with this playing, and it’s going to get quite passionate very fast. Just sayin’.

As for the lyrics, they are very open to different interpretations, obviously, from everyone. However, I think they deal with the complicated nature of love and friendships, and sometimes how they cross over or fall apart. I’ll leave those up to you, but they’re definitely worth looking up if you enjoy the song.

This is one of those rare songs that I like listening to for the feeling it gives me, rather than the message. I love the sexual nature of the melody and instrumentation, and it’s worth checking out for sure! Also, if any of you out there have seen the movie “Palo Alto,” let me know how it was and if this song fit well into the movie!

Thanks for reading, and be sure to leave a comment on your thoughts. Likes, follows, and sharing are always appreciated round these parts!


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