#142 – Mind Over Matter


Artist – Young the Giant
Album – Mind Over Matter
Year – 2014
Genre – Alternative Rock

I thought for sure I was going to review “Cough Syrup” as my first Young the Giant song, but no. As soon as I heard this song on the radio. Bam. Over with. Done deal. Mind blown.

Is there any better way to start a song than with a piano glissando? Well, a rumbling bassline is a great place to start, as are great synths and some strings. You know, for that extra touch. After hearing this song, frontman Sameer Gadhia has cemented his place in my mind as a one of the most emotional singers of modern alternative music. His gentleness in the opening lines contrasts so sharply with his vocal jumps and yells that intersperse the song and dominate the chorus. But he’s powerful and his voice hits you like a ton of bricks. Very melodic and pleasing bricks.

As descending strings lead into the chorus, you better batten down the hatches for a hell of a melody and a hell of a delivery. As the lyrics deal with the sadness and frustration of missing your love, Gadhia’s rises and falls in his gritty voice perfectly reflect each line. But I mean, just look at these lyrics for the chorus:

And if the world don’t break
I’ll be shakin’ it
‘Cause I’m a young man after all
And when the seasons change
Will you stand by me?
‘Cause I’m a young man built to fall

It’s an earnest plea for unconditional love in spite of an unstable lifestyle, but Gadhia makes the melody his bitch as he pulls it this way and that. He’s got a hurricane’s gale of a voice, and he blows you away with each falsetto jump and each exhaustive drop. Even the prechorus sucks you right in with his sharp bends and quick vibrato.

The verses are full of twinkling guitar and softness, but the choruses build up with more and more layers each time. Strings, guitars, powerful basses and synths and a beastly drum sound all combine into a wall of glittery goodness that absolutely shines like the sun.

As the song quiets down for a synth light show and Gadhia building up with his suspenseful, quiet vocals, you get a huge sense that something big is coming, and it does. Gadhia explodes, and the song does with him. The whole orchestra is going now, and the bassline is sexy as hell. That chorus melody just gets me though. It’s the passion and absolutely loving nature of it. It’s a song of just giving yourself totally in love to another, and wanting that love in return. You can sense Gadhia truly feels every word of what he sings, and that’s what made me want to review this song first.

I have a feeling that “Cough Syrup” will certainly come down the pipeline in the future because that’s also a damn great song, but this song has been out of this world as of late. I urge all of you into alternative rock to give this one a listen, as it’s a true demonstration of passion and emotion in action. This is proof that you can feel what the voice brings to the lyrics and musical feel of a song, as well as proof that all the members of this band are a bunch of talented gents.

Thanks for reading, and I’d love to hear what you guys think of this song in the comments! Likes, follows, and shares are amazing too, so I’d really appreciate some of those too. Every little bit helps, and thanks for sticking with me.


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