#151 – Let’s Just Fall In Love Again


Artist – Jason Castro
Album – Jason Castro
Year – 2010
Genre – Acoustic Pop

Need a pick me up today? Cue Jason Castro, the former American Idol contestant/dreadlocked king of pick me up songs! I feel in a very sunny mood today, so I figured I’d spread some of that to the world with this insanely catchy ditty. Let’s dive into it!

You know that any song that starts with whistling is going to probably going to be relatively carefree and happy, so we’re on the right track already! The quick guitar strums and peppy piano set the tone wonderfully, and there’s tambourine too! It’s the triple whammy of happy songs.

Castro’s voice is very interesting to hear in the context of a pop song. It’s got some grit to it, but in that charming, boyish kind of way. He’s got the “cool surfer dude that plays his guitar on the beach” kind of vibe, but a bit more peppy. As he sings, you can’t help but smile, and all the lyrics in each verse make you go “Awwwww.” Yep. But hey, that’s what makes this song so good!

Not only is his voice smoky and blends well with the acoustic nature of the song, but it’s powerful too. During the final lines of each verse and the whole chorus, it’s that power mixed with a melody that will stick in your head like glue that hooks you. This song plays all the time where I work, and I left work with the song on repeat in my head.

This song just has a warmth and a charm about it that makes it so appealing to listen to. Castro really has a sense of innocence and happiness that’s contagious from start to finish. In the final choruses of the song, he really lets his talent shine and his voice hits the highest notes of the song and it sounds damn fantastic. Looking back on it, the whole song is cute, snappy, catchy, well sung, and captures everything I like to hear in a pop song that’s acoustically focused. He falls into the niche just as well as any John Mayer. Though he’s definitely less depressing most of the time.

If you’re looking for a supremely catchy song to put some pep in your step, look no further! Jason Castro and his cascading hair are here for you. Seriously, he probably has enough dreadlocks to make his own rope.

Thanks for reading, as always. Be sure to leave a comment with your opinion on the song. Share this song with a friend (or that special someone) today!

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