#155 – Sweet


Artist – The Mercy Beat
Album – The Mercy Beat – EP
Year – 2014
Genre – Synthpop

The Bravery is a band that I always really enjoyed, and as I stated in review #93 (which can be found here: https://merrymuzak.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/93-i-am-your-skin/), I’m very sad to see them go. Frontman Sam Endicott is a talented songwriter and musician, and he created a sound both in voice and music that was something unique that few bands at the time could emulate. Well, sometimes life has a way of bringing back things we think are lost forever. Enter The Mercy Beat. This is Endicott’s new project, and based on the strength of their debut EP which was released this year, I sense that same special spark I felt in The Bravery. I have high hopes for this new group, not to carry on the legacy of The Bravery, but to build on it and turn it into something amazing once again.

“Sweet” is a damn good place to start with that. From the smooth chords and powerful beats that open the track, the whole song feels like a slick ride through a lover’s reverie. Endicott’s voice is sensual and soothing, not to mention very melodic. His distinctive voice is perfect for a slower paced, flowing song like this one. The echoing guitars add that dream-like quality to the verses, and Endicott once again shows us he knows how to craft and weave amazing melodies in each line.

The keyboard adds some great extra layering to the chorus, as well as lending the synth to the synthpop sound of the song. The melody of the chorus is what’s going to hook you. It flows so well from high to low, and every note resolves beautifully. It pulls you up, then lets you down gently in just the right ways. It’s one of those choruses that is meant to be sung. Loudly. All the time.

After another verse and chorus, we hit the bridge. All the instruments take it up a notch, and the new guitar line really packs a wallop in making a great texture from here on in. The instruments drop out for a bit for a final verse, which sounds really cool with the minimal backing sound. Then the song throws everything it has in the last two verses, with the vocals ramping up in intensity and emotion. For the last thirty seconds, every instrument combines to combine over the chorus, and a final acapella ending closes out a song which I think rivals some of the best of The Bravery.

Another reason, besides the music itself, that I think this is the lyrics. There’s no official lyrics up online yet, but Endicott is clear and deliberate enough that you can hear the words well if you listen. The whole song is very beautifully written. It’s one of those songs that hits to the heart of special, intimate moments you share with a significant other. Just that sense of lying with them and enjoying the silence and each other’s presence is captured beautifully in the lyrics. Keep in mind I’m not entirely sure if these are correct, but this is what I hear. Feel free to correct me if you hear otherwise:

We are perfect here, the world has turned and left us
All alone tonight, I have no words
to describe how it feels to be lying with you
and you would never need words to tell me

and then this gorgeous chorus that captures both the sheer amount of desire and affection between a couple in both physical and emotional love

Oh kiss me now like sugar and cinnamon
Don’t speak a word, and tell me everything
Say nothing now, and we know how sweet silence sounds

It’s beautiful stuff, and it punches right to the heart of those spoken and unspoken feelings of desire, love, and affection in relationships. Not to mention it’s a damn catchy song with great talent behind it. You’re going to thank me for getting you ahead of the curve with this band, because I see big things ahead. Jump on the bandwagon now, because it’s going to be an awesome ride.

Thanks for reading, as always. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments, and share the song with everyone you know!


One thought on “#155 – Sweet

  1. After listening to this song &watching the video, I felt as well though I’d just visited a very hip but comfortable art gallery. I think you’re right about this band. Thanks for the introduction!

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