#156 – Campfire


Artist – Satellite Stories
Album – Pine Trails
Year – 2013
Genre – Alternative/Indie Pop/Indie Rock

If there’s one kind of music I really enjoy, it’s modern Britpop or music that is inspired by it. Bands like OneRepublic, Coldplay, A Silent Film, and Keane have that great big sound that’s bursting with lush keyboards and songs that just want to make you get up and dance and sing for joy. It’s one of the most simultaneously ebullient and melancholic kinds of music out there, and I’m so glad Satellite Stories decided to carry on that tradition. This young band from Finland has created a beautiful and rich song that’s worth dancing to.

The song starts out slow and soft, with only the backing “oooh” chorus that stretches throughout the song. Soft guitar then comes in to back frontman Esa Mankinen’s soft and gentle voice and a melancholic melody. The drums build up until the song bursts to life with an instrumental chorus and a taste of what’s to come. You’re going to want to dance now.

The pulsing verses feature some really cool bass work and a some twinkling guitars, but mostly stay on the minimal side. The band wants to really let it out during the chorus, which it does not take long to get to at all. Even Mankinen’s singing is more subdued here, but it’s about to go down. When I say down I mean get awesome up in here.

This chorus is an absolute winner. Everything shimmers and shines. The guitar is loud and powerful, and creates this great wall of sound that just immerses you. The dance beat being played by the drums…well, it just makes you want to get down and let loose. Meanwhile, the bass is thumping and Mankinen’s voice hits those glorious falsetto jumps that gives you shivers. The whole chord progression here is what I like to call the “sad, yet hopeful” progression. It conveys a sense of longing and sensitivity, but the way it rises at the end always brings back that hopeful aftertaste; always looking up at the finish.

The chorus is only two lines, and Mankinen is singing his affection to a girl named Delorean (not the car). I don’t know what it is, but something just hits me about this one line in the whole song:

Delorean, make me understand

There’s so much emotion and feeling packed into that one short sentence that’s hard to describe. It’s sadness, that deep longing, and love all in one. It may be short, but it’s the best line in the whole song. Words like that, combined with that lovely falsetto jump, just kill me every time.

Another verse follows up, and there’s some cool drum clicks that happen here to keep it interesting, and some backing synth sounds, but we all want to hear the chorus again. Sure enough, there’s another chorus that lays it all out again. Are your legs getting tired yet? The frantic pace continues with the bridge, which adds some awesome stuttering and pitch effects on Mankinen’s voice as he shouts to the heavens in a blast of energy. This is where the song reaches peak intensity, and a short “oooh” section leads into one last, and much appreciated, chorus to finish off.

I cannot recommend this song more for fans of bands like those that I mentioned above. You’re going to die for this one, and if you like to have a good time with a catchy song that’s flown under the radar, well then this one’s for all of you too!

Thanks for reading, as always! Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments, and share the song with everyone you know!


One thought on “#156 – Campfire

  1. COMPLETELY AGREE! Just found this band and I must say I absolutely love them. They’re a lot like Two Door Cinema Club(one of my other all time FAVORITE bands). This song is amazing!

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