#158 – Giants


Artist – Bear Hands
Album – Distraction
Year – 2014
Genre – Post Punk/Indie Rock

Bear Hands’ “Giants” just fell upon my ears yesterday, and I already have to right about it. It’s insanely infectious and has a groove that falls into a style all its own. Prepare your ears, because this one’s a doozy.

The soft synth and drum machine lull you into the sense that this song is going to a song to chill out to. Wrong. Well, not entirely. The song explodes with frontman Dylan Rau’s loud and bombastic speak-sing voice. This, combined with the pounding rhythm of the song just make you want to freak out. It’s frenetic and you totally get lost in the crashing drums, background synths and pulsing bassline. It’s so unique and in your face and I loved every minute of it.

After he’s calmed down a bit, Rau delivers the sweet hooks of the one line chorus:

I am loving you more

The whole lyrical aspect of the song was confusing to me at first, so I had to get some other interpretations to inform my own. I think (through all of Rau’s spastic singing and words) that the lyrics speak about a man who is revealing that, despite his flaws and odd ways, his significant other still loves him. But the main point of the song is that he loves her more. It’s kind of a fun love song when you look at it that way. It’s definitely a pick me up type of song for sure.

The melody during the chorus is simple, but totally hooktastic. That’s a technical term. The galloping beat and upbeat guitar just accentuate it. Rau’s distinctive singing actually makes it even more catchy, because you’ll be singing along in his vocal style. Well done, gentlemen.

Between now and the end of the song, there’s a really cool guitar breakdown, a bridge that leads into a spacey rendition of the chorus, with that synth that I love so much, before blasting off with a snare roll into a final chorus that will keep the good times rolling until the end.

Overall, this is a short little song that will pick up anyone’s day. Therefore, I have to cut all discretion and say that most of you out there should give this song a listen. It’s definitely worth it, and you may just discover your new favorite band. It’s a bit wacky, crazily catchy, and a fun listen all around.

Thanks for reading, as always. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments, and don’t forget to share this song with everybody you know!


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