#159 – Rock And Roll Is Dead And So Am I


Artist – Sleepwave
Album – Broken Compass
Year – 2014
Genre – Post-Hardcore, Alternative Metal

Well here I am again with a nearly brand spanking new track from what I anticipate is going to be one of the hottest new contenders in the post-hardcore and alternative metal scenes. Sleepwave is the new project of former Underoath frontman Spencer Chamberlain. Sleepwave trades the signature screams and breakdowns of Underoath for a pulse pounding and more melodic breed of metal. It’s darkly catchy and has all the elements that create a truly great hard rock song. Did I mention that this is my favorite song title of the year so far?

The pulverizing drums that open the song definitely give you a taste of what’s to come. When Chamberlain starts singing, you’re going to hear some really cool backing electronic beat effects, as well as a booming bass. As he starts slow and rises in intensity, chamberlains raspy voice definitely fits in with the like of bands like Red. It’s that big, anthemic metal sound backed by electronic.

When the chorus starts, you’ll hear just how good of a singer Chamberlain really is. The prechorus is a great, driving build up, but the melody of the chorus is one of those that feels like it shouldn’t work, but it absolutely does. The way his voice wraps around the dark and slithering notes sounds amazing over the wall of guitars and drums. It’s a classic alt-metal sound with a new twist.

Those electronic sounds add a really cool industrial effect during each verse, and the chorus is what brings the all out rock and roll. It’s a perfect blend of two great genres into one, with a singer who comes from a post-hardcore background. It even has the bombastic nature of an alternative punk band like Anberlin, who recently praised Sleepwave’s new album on their Facebook page. There’s literally nothing not to love if you’re a hard rock fan.

There is a bit of breakdown in this song, and it’s loud. It’s in your face and will most likely blow your speakers up if you play it too loud. I mean, play it as loud as you want, but just be warned. You may literally get blown away. Everything pounds, including Chamberlain’s voice. He’s giving it all, and with a quick transition to a final chorus, he closes the song with on a cathartic high note.

This song encompasses so many genres of rock, punk, and metal that I can really recommend it for anyone who gravitates to any of those. It’s an all around fantastic song with a big sound and a chorus that hooks you and yet has a dark and brooding feel all its own. I’ll tell you now, keep an ear open for this band on the radio sometime in the near future. I sense good things.

Thanks for reading, as always. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments, and share the song with everyone you know!


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