What The Hell’s Been Up With Me?

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed, it’s been quite awhile since I last posted. This is because of many things, not the least of which was a huge play production which I was fortunate enough to act in, although it did take away huge chunks of my free time. That, combined with college stuff accounts for about three quarters of the reason why I haven’t posted. The other quarter is much more cool. I’ve actually been tackling so many interviews with artists that I really had a hard time finding time to update the blog, and I wanted to wait until things cooled down to really show you guys all I’ve been doing!

I traveled home to Buffalo yesterday, as I was planning to see Anberlin on their final tour of all time in Toronto. Alas, the weather outside is ghastly, so I unfortunately will be missing the concert, but I wish them all the best. However, being snowed in lets me work on this for all you guys, so expect some more songs to pop up today! But without further ado, I want to post some links of all the interviews I’ve done, with more hopefully to come down the pipeline!

Speaking of Anberlin:


Here’s an email interview I conducted for ArtVoice, and alternative music and arts publication in Buffalo, with Deon Rexroat, Anberlin’s bassist regarding their final tour.

Breaking Benjamin:


I had the amazing fortune to grab a phone interview with Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin, who were playing a show in Buffalo for the first time in 7 years! Then, if that wasn’t cool enough, he invited me backstage after the show to meet him and the band! Definitely an experience I won’t forget! Hopefully I can get some pictures up sometime soon!



After I interviewed Combichrist before their show, frontman Andy LaPlegua actually answered some questions exclusively for this blog, which I hope to post really soon!

New Found Glory:



I actually wrote two pieces on New Found Glory, the first being a preview, and the second being an interview that I actually had in person with drummer Cyrus Bolooki! I also got to meet bassist Ian Grushka, and I have some pictures of that I’ll post for you guys as well!

Walk the Moon:

While at Geneseo, I conducted a radio interview with Eli Maiman, guitarist of Walk the Moon, which can be heard above. I also managed to run into the whole band a few hours before they went on stage for their Geneseo show, which I will also post pictures of!

Well, I think that about covers it. Like I said, I have some more things coming down the pipeline which I’ll be sure to post, but for now, I hope you guys can see why I was so busy, but also I hope you enjoy the pieces! Again, expect some songs to be posted today. You guys are the best. Thank you so much for everything.

Oh and by the way, I passed the 20,000 view mark during my hiatus. So you guys are officially all my favorite people. But what else is new 😉


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