#165 – Wild Enough


Artist – Neighbors
Album – Failure
Year – 2014
Genre – Synthpop/Indie Pop

So as the old year ends with hope, let us begin the new year with ebullience and dancing! Enter Noah Stitelman and his synthpop project Neighbors. “Wild Enough” is one of the most infectious songs you’ll ever hear, with lush synths that bloom around you in real time and a joyful energy that is sure to get you moving. Vocally subdued, the song surprised me and makes up for vocal gusto with the true power of swirling melodies and a sense of emotional integrity. Strap yourselves in.

A pulsating tropical beat leads you in and with no hesitation, the opening synth explosion colors your senses in bright hues of neon light. The melody here is just so joyful and happy that you can’t help but smile. Stitelman begins singing, and his voice is soft, like a more reserved and quiet Ben Gibbard. You can tell he’s weaving his tale with conviction, despite the lack of vocal volume. You feel that he’s leading up to something, and that something is the bombastic chorus that the song delivers.

After a quick punch snare roll, the synths drop back in and Stitelman gently wails (is that possible?) and creates this great soft wave of happiness and excitement over the lush painted background of music that is flowing like water across your ears and into your head. It invites a dark room colored by flashing lights and moving bodies. It’s a testament to the exuberance of youthfulness and young love, and this beautifully melodic chorus captures that image brilliantly. The vocals rise and fall, guiding you along to the next verse.

The tropical beat returns underneath the next verse, adding extra texture and provides another exciting flavor. Cue next amazing chorus, but this time you’re in for a bonus surprise that will delight you. The second run through of the chorus melody has a frenetic guitar solo that just takes an already colorful painting and splatters those finishing touches that Pollack would be proud of on top of the canvas.

A subdued bridge serves it’s function to lead us into more and more mind blowing choruses and infectious guitar work that just transports the mind to a place of happiness. And we continue on this road until a fade out lays our heads back down to the earth until we decide to hit repeat.

This is a song that embodies the spirit of new beginnings and of fun, but does so in a way of real honesty and well crafted beauty. You feel every note hit you like a punch that tickles you to laughter. It’s the kick start to a new day and a world full of possibility and wonder, waiting for you to step inside.

Thanks for reading and listening, as always! Be sure to give me your thoughts below and to leave a like!


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