#166 – Junk of the Heart (Happy)


Artist – The Kooks
Album – Junk of the Heart
Year – 2011
Genre – Indie Rock

I’m feeling happy. Let’s review a song with a happy, uptempo chorus, even though the subject of the song is pretty turbulent. Anywhoooo…

The Kooks’ “Junk of the Heart” starts with a great pounding beat; not too soft, not too heavy. It’s just right. Then you get some crisp, clean guitar that really gets you moving. Don’t worry, you’re going to want to bop right along to the beat of this song. Frontman Luke Pritchard’s voice cuts in, with some atmospheric keyboards to back him up. His voice is melodic and sincere, and he uses some cool rhythm to accent certain words. As he builds up to the chorus, you can sense the honesty in his voice.

“I WANNA MAKE YOU HAAAPPYY!” Hear this chorus once, and you’ll be singing right along. It’s that catchy. Not only is catchy, but it is quite happy sounding, but the lyrics are almost pleading and yearning, giving it a sad undertone. But nevertheless, it’s a hell of a chorus, and every instrument layers perfectly. Jangly guitars, a swirling synth, and Pritchard’s own voice mix to wonderful effect.

The cool interplay between major and minor in this song is really neat, and the shifts reflect Pritchard’s own mood throughout the song. The song mostly deals with longing and that feeling of not knowing if someone likes you. It’s that feeling of indecision and hope that carries you through the day, but there’s always that risk of being crushed. It’s a fragile way to be, and this song is someone expressing their secret feelings for someone. It’s quite a lovely sentiment, although if you look at the lyrics, you can certainly see the destructive aspect of this pseudo relationship from verse to verse.

After the second chorus, we get this really cool keyboard solo with some “la la’s” over it, and then a throbbing bassline that leads into one final explosive chorus. This is where you can all your feelings out, and sing as loud as you can. The song ends with a quick fade out in an almost abrupt manner. It’s a short song to be sure, but it’s one that’s due for many repeats.

Looking for something to jam out to? The Kooks got you covered with this very song. You can rock it anytime, anywhere. It’s that good. Need I say more.

Thanks for reading and listening, everyone. Please leave a comment on what your thoughts on the song are, and keep your eyes peeled for the next review!


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