#172 – Destroy


Artist – In-Flight Safety
Album – Conversationalist
Year – 2014
Genre – Indie Rock/Alternative Rock

In case all of you out there don’t know, which I’m sure is almost all of you, I’m now currently working as music director for my college’s radio station. That means I’m in charge of all the music that gets played on air. Having new records from underground artists being shipped to me every week has really opened my eyes to the sheer volume of music there is out there, and how much gets lost to the trash bin. In-Flight Safety is a band I knew absolutely nothing about, but a group that quickly blew me away when I heard them. There’s a lot of talent with these guys.

“Destroy” opens with a nice clean guitar tone and pattern that sounds like it could have come straight off Snow Patrol’s new album. However, the slow pace doesn’t last for too long, and soon this song is going to make you move like no Snow Patrol song ever could. It does keep that great modern Britpop sound all the way through though, even though the band is from the great white north of Canada.

After a pounding opening, the song shifts into overdrive at about forty seconds in. The drums start rolling and the guitars just blast to life and you’ll hear that descending riff that will get stuck in your head all day. Frontman John Mullane’s voice, again, has that great Britpop sound to it. It’s almost Chris Martin-esque. The whole production on this track is great, and every instrument is so clear. The guitar sounds amazing as you hear the quick strums, and the drums are crisp and fast.

When Mullane hits that high note at the beginning of the chorus, I get goosebumps. You can tell this song is sung with so much passion, and even though I’m still getting familiar with it and can’t find lyrics for it online yet, I can sense the whole passion of the band in every chorus. The intensity just picks up, and I just want to dance. It’s one of those really anthemic choruses that makes you want to sing “DESTROY” as loud as you can. It’s an extremely well crafted melody, and you’ll feel it when you hear it.

The second chorus is even better, with Mullane finishing the second verse high, and keeping that note right into the chorus. It sounds amazing, and it only picks up in intensity until essentially the end of the song. That being said, I wish I had more to post about lyrics here, but I couldn’t find any online, and I wanted to make sure I got them right. If you find some, let me know! But a great song like this speaks for itself through the feeling it gives off. I’m sure you’ll all agree. If you like really big sounding bands with huge sounds and anthemic melodies, In-Flight Safety’s “Destroy” is for you.

Thanks for reading and listening! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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