#174 – Recovery


Artist – Frank Turner
Album – Tape Deck Heart
Year – 2013
Genre – Folk Rock/Folk Punk

“There’s a lot of stuff on this record about loss and failure in relationships, about what happens when something that was supposed to be timeless runs out of time.” That’s what folk punk singer/songwriter Frank Turner said about Tape Deck Heart, the album that “Recovery” is on. I think that’s how a lot of us view relationships, and this song is a somewhat quirky and upbeat, albeit still sad and very British take on the classic breakup song. It’s great. You should listen to it. Here’s why:

Turner is a very earnest and kind of scatterbrained dude. You can tell right from the minute he starts singing the first verse in a very fast paced and run on sort of way. The acoustic guitar is a great build up to the explosive chorus, which features a myriad of really cool instruments: piano, mandolin, and a really cool accordion. It’s amazingly catchy, and the “oohs” in the background back Turner up perfectly. It’s a sad chorus, but an extremely uplifting melody, and one you’ll probably be humming to yourself soon enough.

Speaking of words, Turner has great skill stringing his words together. It’s intensely personal stuff and you get the true sense of a ballad about Turner’s life and his lost love. But it’s done in such a way that’s creative and clever, and it captures the eccentric nature of Turner’s behavior and the kind of person that he is. The bridge contains some of my favorite lyrics of the song:

But tonight I need to hear some truth if I’m ever getting through this.
Yeah you once sent me a letter that said “If you’re lost at sea,
Close your eyes and catch the tide my dear and only think of me.”
Well darling now I’m sinking and I’m as lost as lost can be
And I was hoping you could drag me up from down here towards my recovery.

It captures that real sense of loss and longing that happens after any breakup, but Turner uses words to add a little poetic liberty to it and it just works beautifully.

During he instrumental after the bridge we get this wonderful string crescendo that just blows me away, but you need a keen ear to hear it. It’s a subtle treat, but over the top of that, the band is rocking out full force, just like the chorus. The piano, accordion, drums, and guitar are slamming and you get this great folk rock jam. The song not only rocks, but really proves Turner’s great pop sensibilities as demonstrated by the amazing chorus hook.

If you haven’t heard Frank Turner yet, you’re missing out! Consider this your wake up call, and I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for reading and listening. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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