#175 – Back to Oblivion


Artist – Finch
Album – Back to Oblivion
Year – 2014
Genre – Post-Hardcore/Alt. Rock

Finch is one of those bands that I just wished put out a lot more material than they have, because they’re one of the best in their field. The musicians are all incredibly talented individuals, and singer Nate Barcalow has one of the most powerful and emotive voices in the genre. Naturally, I would hope they would make a good impression with their newest record, and the first track just absolutely blows me away, so I had to let all you good folks out there know about it.

First of the descending guitar riff that dominates the chorus is the perfect pump up to open the song. Then we hear the classic Barcalow rasp. The way he sings has that perfect amount of grit and melody. He never has to sacrifice one for the other, and just the sheer power with which he sings…seriously I can’t praise the guy enough. The verse lets Barcalow show off his chops, and the chorus is just pure hooky goodness. With that monster riff going and the drums absolutely pounding, we get some great harmony and before you blink we’re back in the next verse.

This is where the money shot is. Right at the end of the second verse, Barcalow bellows the words “AS I’M HEADING…”. This is to lead right into the next chorus, but just incredible emotional force and power behind his singing in those words, and just the melody…oh my god. That sequence of notes that he hits in that short time span just gives me the shivers it’s so good. Hopefully you’ll hear what I mean for yourself.

That verse ending only makes the next chorus that much more powerful. Then we hit the bridge, which keeps the power going until we get to the instrumental break. It adds a great spacey feel to the song, almost as if you’re falling into the void. And as you hear the next choruses, you can picture someone spiraling downward into some sort of darkness, or oblivion. Actually more on a literal level this time instead of metaphorical. I also have to point out that I love the way the song ends on a big, beefy bass note that they let ring.

Bonus: Listen to the Japan exclusive track “Keep the Kids Safe” before listening to this song. It’ll really amp up the epic feel of the bombardment that’s about to come with “Back to Oblivion.”

All in all, I was blown away by this song. Finch rarely disappoints, and I hope that from this point on, they put out more material for us to discover and appreciate. They have the talent, that’s for sure.

Thanks for reading and listening. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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