#177 – Geronimo


Artist – Sheppard
Album – Bombs Away
Year – 2015
Genre – Indie Pop

George Sheppard and his gang of Aussies have created one of the most infectious songs of the year already, and we’re three months in! Seriously, I hear this song everywhere now! I have to give a shout out to a very good friend of mine, Erika Austin for first showing me this song. Now I’m addicted. You can read about all her journeys to far away places here:


She’s a really great writer, and trust me, you’ll want to go visit these places after you’re done reading about them.
P.S. watch out for her food posts, you’ll get very hungry very fast 😉

Anyway, back to the song. The song opens with some Mumford and Sons guitar strumming on speed, but that’s just what I like, so I’m a fan. Sheppard’s voice is that perfect Britpop voice, and it fits very well. He sings very well, and his falsetto jumps sound great. In fact, the best parts of this song are when he transitions to falsetto. The whole song is damn catchy. So catchy that I can’t even begin to explain it. But you better gear up for this chorus.

Good luck getting that chorus out of your head now that you’ve heard it. Don’t be surprised if at random times of your day, you just yell out “SAY Geronimo.” It’s perfectly normal. But that aside, it’s amazingly catchy and memorable. Everything a great pop song should be. But I do adore the post chorus sections of this song. The electric guitar plucks in the background, and that great falsetto voice just rocks it. Not to mention the female backing of “BOMBS AWAY!” That’s also fun to yell out at random times too.

The next verse is more frenetic due to the super fast tambourine in the background, but we’re right back into the chorus and post chorus in no time, being carried along at a super fast pace. But again, that’s how I like it. You get lost in the song, which is a good thing. When every part is this good, it’s just one good time after another.

The bridge is a bit softer, but I like the way Sheppard builds his voice until the powerful end, then the instrumental cut out…and then the final blend of chorus and post chorus into one huge sounding melodic package. It’s the payoff you’ve been waiting for throughout the song. It does not disappoint. What’s that? You can’t control your hand reaching for the replay button? It’s ok…just let it happen. Your brain wants this. It’s an amazing, catchy pop song! What did you expect? I expect more great things from Sheppard in the future!

Thanks for listening and reading! Be sure to leave me your thoughts in the comments!


One thought on “#177 – Geronimo

  1. Wonderful post as always!! You really have a way with describing music! Thank you for the shout out, I’m so grateful!! Now I want to listen to the song. I think I will. 😉

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