#180 – Graduate


Artist – Third Eye Blind
Album – Third Eye Blind
Year – 1997
Genre – Alternative Rock

This is it. I can’t believe I’m finally graduating from College! I couldn’t think of a more appropriate song to end my time at school with, as Third Eye Blind’s “Graduate” represents more than just graduating. It’s a song about leaving behind a legacy, and making something of yourself. But the future is always open, and no one can decide your future except you. That’s what both terrifying and amazing about the years to come. It’s all up to me.


As of right now, I want to shout those opening words from the roof of my townhouse! The song begins with a super smooth guitar strum intro, before just launching full blast into some cathartic punk goodness. The whole band is just absolutely destroying on this track, and you can feel the energy with every drum hit. It’s got such a high octane level that it’s hard to miss some of the words, which really speak to how I’m feeling on the eve of such a big moment:

Can I look in faces that I meet
Can I get my punk ass off the street
I’ve been living on for so long

When I go home after four years of school, I know I’m going to want to sit around initially, but I know I have to get out into the world and explore what I can do. These lyrics really speak to the fact that I’m going to be meeting a lot of new people out in the world, and how I interact with them can change my life.

Keep in mind vocalist Stephan Jenkins just absolutely blows this song out of the water. His voice is that perfect blend of enthusiasm and anger/determination. He really conveys that sense of wanting to get out there and prove the world wrong. A world which has not seen what he sees in himself, hence these words:

To the bastard talking down to me
Your whipping boy calamity
Cross your fingers
I’m going to knock it all down

Those last two lines really hit home the point of not knowing how life will turn out, be he really does want to shatter everyone’s expectations, and maybe even his own. The beastly riff that just backs the song up is really something in it’s own right, and with the bombastic sound of this song alone, I can tell that this must be a blast live.

Do you live the days you go through
Will this song live on long after we do

Another way of reminding us to truly live every moment from this point on, because this is where we really can fall into the trap of monotony and day in/day out mentality. Create something in your life that’s worth making, so that others will see it and it will live on after you are gone.

The whole second half of the song is chock full of really motivational lines that I’m going to try to keep in mind after I graduate:

Won’t die on the vine

I’m not waiting here for you to die

You only have a limited time. Make the most of it. I think that’s what this song is truly about. It may fit the current situation very well, but the song really applies to one’s whole life. We all need to graduate from bad habits, and really any situation where we feel we can do better and we know we have more potential in ourselves. And we have that power. We can lift ourselves up and truly be great and do great things. I see that potential in everyone I meet, and especially all of my fellow 2015 classmates, and my closest college friends. I know all of you will go on to do wonderful things with your lives. Happy Graduation! This song is for you!

Thanks for reading and listening! Be sure to let me know you’re opinion on the song in the comments!