#186 – Let Your Hair Down


Artist – MAGIC!
Album – Don’t Kill the Magic
Year – 2014
Genre – Pop/reggae

This song is pop music done absolutely right. This is what pop music CAN be, and SHOULD be. To me at least, minus the reggae element, this song recalls some of the greatest pop love song writers of the 80’s like Phil Collins. MAGIC! was one of those bands I never got sick of hearing on the radio, but even though you don’t hear them as much this year as last year, this song was still criminally underplayed compared to their other hit, “Rude.” This is a much more romantic song, and featuring some of the absolute best vocals I’d heard on a pop song that year. Let’s start with that, because I have some things to say about that.

It’s hard to describe how much I enjoy and just get sucked into frontman Nasri’s vocals. I will say that if I was a pop artist, I would want my voice to sound exactly like his. The vocals in this song, like MAGIC!’s other songs, are rich and as smooth as it gets. There’s just tiny flecks of grit in there too, but Nasri is such an accomplished vocalist that he hits every note exactly the way it needs to be hit. He knows how to create a perfect mood and take you along on a romantic journey. The difference between this and other songs by the group is the incredible vocal melody in this particular song.

I was floored by the lyrics when I first heard the song. Just these lines alone:

To me you are more than just skin and bones
You are elegance and freedom and everything I know

Wow. I’m a huge sucker for classic romance, but there’s a reason I value it. When you’re in love, there’s no words to express how much you care for your partner. But by God these lines come close. If music and lyrics paint a mental picture, I picture the verses as if a man and woman are just having a great time together and he’s admiring her while she’s just laughing and being herself. Then during this prechorus, they lie face to face and he brushes her hair back and whispers this to her in a tender moment, and the chorus is just full on making out and a cute romantic moments montage.

OK have you all finished washing your mouths out from after vomiting from all that sap? Good. Jokes aside, there’s a lot of love songs out there, but this one is classy and beautifully tender and honest. And I think that’s so rare and wonderful to have on the radio these days. Just the chorus of this song is such a great capture of how the simplest moments of a relationship are the ones where you feel most in love.

We can be ourselves now
Go ahead, be foolish
No one’s on the clock now
Lying in this simple moment
You don’t gotta worry now
Just let your hair down

The music is the perfect accompaniment to the vocals and lyrics. Beautifully simple. You have all the trappings of a laid back reggae song: shimmering electric piano, guitars that twang on off beats, and drums that feature those signature rim hits on the snare. There’s also a guitar solo in this song that doesn’t feel out of place at all, and it leads into a final chorus and some great vocal riffing from Nasri. Overall, I will say the music adds to the vocals, but it’s Nasri’s show for this one all the way.

I always find it really cool when Pop music promotes songs with really tender and deeply romantic love songs, and with MAGIC! it’s even cooler due to the reggae sound. This song is a winner in my book, and is currently on repeat in my house. I suggest you consider putting it on as well.

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