#187 – Don’t Panic


Artist – Coldplay
Album – Parachutes
Year – 2000
Genre – Alternative/Britpop

In the wake of the terrible terrorist attacks around the world, most notably yesterday in Paris, I feel the need to contribute and console. I have my two cents politically, but I feel that me sharing a song of comfort is something that most people could use. It didn’t strike me to choose this song until this very afternoon, and honestly, nothing captures how I’m trying to feel amidst all this sadness better than this song. I hope it gives you as much comfort as it gives me, and that it reminds you that though things may happen that shake our faith in the world, the world really is a beautiful place if we choose to make it that way and change it for the better. I’m going to focus on the words here, but all I’ll say about the music is that it fits the words perfectly.

Bones sinking like stones
All that we’ve fought for
Homes, places we’ve grown
All of us are done for

The lyrics here really seem to reflect the state of a lot of people’s minds. As we ponder the terrible events that have occurred, we can’t help but think of the heartbroken families in Paris. It sometimes seems that everything that’s good in the world that we’ve fought for can come undone in an instant. It’s in times like this that sometimes we need to look to see all the good that’s being done to help those who are suffering and those who are oppressed. For every evil that’s in the world, there’s an even more powerful, greater goodness in kindness in one hundred more people.

We live in a beautiful world
Yeah we do
Yeah we do
We live in a beautiful world

It’s hard to remember this sometimes. All we see on TV is suffering, but I hope that we all can see the good that we all can do when we stand together and change the things we don’t like about ourselves and the world. We truly can make it even more beautiful. Seeing the solidarity of people across the world yesterday and today lifts my spirits even the tiniest bit. If we kept that going every day, who knows what could happen. Yes, it’s true we have a lot of work to do, and there are many disasters in the world that fly under our radar sometimes, but when we strive to do more and get better together, miracles happen. We do live in a beautiful world. Not a perfect one, but one that we can certainly change if we try.

Oh all that I know
There’s nothing here to run from
Cause here
Everybody here’s got somebody to lean on

Perhaps the most important lines in the song. If we take a stand together and lean on each other and help others, there’s nothing we can’t do or change.

I hope that these words offer some hope and comfort to those shocked by the events of yesterday and any other time where atrocities have happened. The next step is taking action to help. My thoughts are with any person and family who is hurting in the wake of all this, and I stand with you.

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One thought on “#187 – Don’t Panic

  1. You have a beautiful heart and are a sensitive soul. You’re right, we have to change ourselves and be the change in the world. Thank you for your words of hope…

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