#188 – Lipstick Wonder Woman


Artist – Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Album – Wild Child

Year – 2013

Genre – Blues Rock


After my last piece on Buckethead (here), I definitely felt in the mood to write about another guitarist that’s flown under a lot of people’s radars. That guitarist in question would be Tyler Bryant, a strapping young lad of only 24 who can play a slide guitar like a mother. “Lipstick Wonder Woman” is the ultimate display of just how sexy and slinky a good slide can be.

With a short little tease intro, Tyler basically gives us the instrumental equivalent of foreplay before launching right into the lap dance, metaphorically speaking. This little slide lick that opens the song makes you want to fan yourself it’s so smoking. It’s like biting into absolutely delicious BBQ. It’s that “hoo boy, that is good” feeling that you get here. You can hear this kid’s talent less than 30 seconds into the song. The rhythm is so slick that you can’t help but put yourself in that cowboy (or girl) fantasy you’ve had. Get your mind out of the gutter, I didn’t mean that kind of fantasy…or maybe I did. Either works.

When Bryant starts singing, he’s just as smooth as his guitar skills. The words flow and he weaves them in between his finger picked guitar underneath, and the lyrics are perfect for every crazy night out when you want to get a little naughty. And by time we hit the thumping chorus, we’re past the lap dance and now the metaphorical clothes are coming off. These lyrics are as sexy as anything and his slides just give it that awesome bluesy and bad boy feel that every rock and roll artist wishes they could capture. Bryant, at 24, has got it down to a T from square one.

When the intro riff comes around again, Bryant gets sassy and shows off a bit on the high end, but those fireworks absolutely add to the mood and feel of the song. Taking it down a bit quieter before exploding back into the next verse, he just strings you right along. You want more with every second that passes.

After the second chorus, there’s a quiet interlude that builds to an absolutely pounding bridge where the band goes full on guns a blazing, just like the old west. This auditory gunfight goes right into the end of the song, and by the time the song ends on the last chorus, you’ll be wondering why you’ve never heard of this kid in your life. He’s got the skills to pay the bills.

Hopefully as time passes Tyler will get his due in the spotlight, and he truly deserves it. For anyone looking for a slinky, sexual blues rock banger, I present to you not only this song, but the entire catalog of Mr. Bryant. I highly urge you to go check it out, and promptly pretend you’re a character in Sons of Anarchy.




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