#190 – Negasonic Teenage Warhead


Artist – Monster Magnet

Album – Dopes To Infinity

Year – 1995

Genre – Stoner Rock/Hard Rock


In honor of Deadpool, which I’m incredibly excited to see, I decided to review a song befitting of the kickassery and hijinks that I’m sure I’ll bear witness to in the next few days. Also, for those who don’t know, this is actually the song that Grant Morrison derived the name of his character, who appears in the film. Let’s heat up some chimichangas and get to work on this bad boy of a song.

One thing about Monster Magnet that I always liked is that they existed in this time where the music all around them sounded nothing like them. It was either the beginnings of the softer alternative and radio rock movement, or right in the full swing of post-grunge bands. What’s great about this song is that it’s a lampoon of the “oh woe is me” angst of all the grunge and post grunge rockers out there. Monster Magnet stands them on their head and creates a balls out old fashioned rock and roll track that really stands out even today. When the band is finished with their thoughts on the genre in each verse, they vehemently claim that “I will deny you.” I suppose they thought most of the bands they were speaking about had no place in rock and roll. Either way, it’s a funny and different perspective on music that, obviously today, has become extremely influential. Monster Magnet has hung in there, but ironically they haven’t been as recognized as the subjects of their song.

But how’s the music? Well just like every good comic book movie, it’s kickass. The opening flanger effect on the guitar sets the intro up perfectly before frontman Dave Wyndorm kicks it in with the incredible riff that permeates the prechorus and chorus of the song. The guitar is crunchy and the stomping rhythm promotes maximum headbanging capabilities. It’s science, kids.

Speaking of, that prechorus and chorus are the absolute highlights of the song. This is where every instrument comes together and really proves that sometimes old fashioned rock needs to remind everyone it’s still around. Wyndorf snarles and absolutely lets loose his frustration. The echo on his voice adds some power and adds to the whole space-y vibe they have going on with this song. It’s got a mean hook that hits your face like a sonic boom, and if you love rock and roll and haven’t heard of these guys before, you’re going to be kicking yourself after this song.

All in all, this is more of a song to just let loose to and will hopefully appear in the end credits of some film someday. Picture this: classic good guy walks away from massive explosion whilst putting on sunglasses to this song. Cut to black. Roll credits. Hey, it works in my mind! Enjoy Deadpool everyone! Hopefully when you see Negasonic Teenage Warhead, you’ll think of this song!




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