Who Am I?

My name is Kris Kielich, and I currently attend SUNY Geneseo in New York. I’m entering my final year of school with a Communications major, and I’m hoping to jump right into the music journalism business soon after graduation. I currently freelance for The Buffalo News and other publications in the greater Buffalo area, but hopefully will move onto bigger things in the future. Writing about music is my greatest passion, and sharing it with the world brings me more joy than anything. The people like you, who read this blog, are why I do what I do. I know how it feels to find a great song you’ve never heard before. Hopefully I can be a small part of you discovering or rediscovering why you love music in the first place. And thank you all for every ounce of support. It means the world.

Also, please remember that all written material on my blog is copyrighted to me. Feel free to reblog as much as you want, but please do not steal my words or ideas. Thanks everyone!


6 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Always respected your taste in music, Kris. Nice to see appreciation in music of the past. For me, I can’t stand 95% of what’s being produced nowadays. Music shouldn’t be made on computers– because music isn’t supposed to be perfect, it’s about emotion. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Kris … I just stumbled upon your blog and found your take on songs pretty interesting. You made me a fan by reminding me of some pretty awesome songs while reminding me why metal bands, though I don’t care for them, should be appreciated. I was reading Dante’s Inferno when a friend said that I should check out a group named Red and their 2008 album INNOCENCE & INSTINCT which was loosely based on the book (and other tragedies going on in today’ world). Start Again was the first song that I heard and I was hooked. Though I might not listen to every song they have, there are a good many that I have come to love. If you never heard of Red, check them out.

    • Thank you so much! I l do very much enjoy the band Red, and that’s so cool that you like them! There will be Red songs on the blog in the future for sure! Please stick around and keep checking it out! šŸ™‚

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