#3 – Reaching the Potential


Artist – A Silent Film
Album – Sand & Snow
Year – 2012
Genre – Alternative/Soft Rock/Brit Rock

Let’s dive right into this one. Background strings and the soft, honest voice of frontman Robert Stevenson start off this song. It begins alright, but when it gets going…oh boy you better hold on for an emotional roller coaster! As soon as the song’s driving drum beat kicks in, Stevenson throws it into high gear on his output. He bares his soul, seemingly digging inside himself and pouring his heart out into lines like “We’re animals in cages, actors on a pay role…I love you, do you love me? Are we reaching our potential?” All the while the piano and strings swell up to an amazing crescendo after each and every verse. When listening, you’ll hopefully get the same feeling I got, which is a sort of happy sadness if that makes any sense at all. The chords are beautifully laid out in this song, and the sense of resolution at the end of each verse leaves you feeling fulfilled, but also wanting more of the same. The ending of the song continues to add layers of instrumentation, until the final note is delivered, leading you into the next song of an overall amazing album, but more on that some other time. All in all, this is a lovely track filled with beauty in the music, beauty in the lyrics, and one that will leave you coming away wanting more of the same!